Relieve Pain

Reduce Inflammation

Repair Tissue

The Lumix superpulsed laser is featured in journal-published research articles demonstrating its exceptional therapeutic effects for tissue regeneration – less pain, faster healing.


Lumix provides FDA-cleared Class 3b and Class 4 laser therapy with superior cost-per-watt performance by combining superpulsed and continuous wave laser therapy technologies.

  • Highest performing peak and average powers for deepest tissue penetration

  • Highest photon density and absorption rates for best therapeutic results

  • Best combinations of 2 - 4 wavelengths for more effective therapy

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen and protocols to guide safe, effective treatments

  • Best value-for-money laser in the US

Recent News

Nelson Marquina, MSc, PhD, DC
Dr. Nelson Marquina, MSc, PhD, DC

World-class technology; world-class support

Laser Biotech International was founded by Dr. Nelson Marquina – engineer, physician, educator, author, international speaker and laser expert. With his technical leadership, the company is uniquely positioned to consistently provide the best laser therapy practice value, through performance, knowledge, and clinical support, for healthcare providers to experience excellent patient outcomes and practice growth.

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